About Us

The Flight Sim Scotland Experience

The C42 flight simulator being flown over a green landscape
The cockpit instruments in our C42 flight simulator

Flight Sim Scotland is a unique experience at Scotland's top leisure and recreational airfield.

The latest venture from Sportflight Scotland Ltd, based at Strathaven Airfield, is the only light aircraft flight sim in Scotland based around a real cockpit - the same C42 aircraft type used by the flying school.

We have focussed on making our simulator as accurate as possible - using the original components to create the most realistic sensations. So as well as the factory standard control column, rudder pedals and flap lever, we have working trimmer, Trig radio, Trig transponder and Sky Demon navigation software.

Although built as a serious training aid for students, we've also designed it for fun! And a full 230 degree wrap round screen with three HD projectors gives an amazing view.

The only option we decided against was full motion. Quite simply, it's actually not needed. The graphics are so good that your eyes convince your brain of the movement!

Come and have a go!

ps: An important part of our project is that Flight Sim Scotland is also carbon neutral - the electricity for our flight simulator comes from the solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of our hangar and our 15kWh storage battery system.

Our top flight sim staff

Connor MacKenzie
The brains! Connor took our simulator concept
and made it real. (can you make a sim real?!)

Photo of Colin MacKinnon, owner of Strathaven Airfield, in a red tartan flying suit

Colin MacKinnon
Owner of the airfield, he lives in the posh Grand Designs house! Passionate about grass roots flying. 

A black cat sitting on a fence watching an aircraft land at Strathaven Airfield

Chita - our lucky black cat!
(Don't worry if you have a pet allergy - she's kept out of the hangars and the flight simulator room!)