Flight Sim Scotland

Scotland's only flight sim in a real aircraft cockpit

Flight Sim Scotland's flight simulator being flown over Loch Lomond


Hands on at the controls, and navigate around amazing Loch Lomond


Loop the loop? Yes, you can!
(Please don't try in a real C42!)

Pilot trying to fly along Tower Bridge in a flight sim


Why fly under London's Tower Bridge when you can fly along it?

Unique in Scotland, a flight sim built from a real aircraft! Our state-of-the-art sim uses a cockpit from the same aircraft type we use for flight training - it is as real as you can get without leaving the ground! And our gift experience vouchers make ideal presents for birthdays and Christmas. 

We use our flight sim as an integral part of pilot training here at Strathaven Airfield, but you can also just have crazy fun! Swoop under the Eiffel Tower, fly through Tower Bridge or Loop the Loop! Three things that we just aren't allowed to do in the "real" thing! 

And we don't have to worry about the weather. Raining outside? Just come into the hangar and it will be sunny in the sim!

Genuine full-size cockpit, working instruments including original transponder and radio, one-to-one with a professional instructor. Our flight simulator is an amazing, immersive experience. for everyone from age 10 upwards. 

Skills, spills, thrills! You choose. Click below and buy a gift voucher now!